All lightweight carbon material components and every part it takes to build
a Kerl frame, is engineered and handmade in Germany by the people of Kerl. From scratch.

The Kerl Founders

Dr. Jaromir Urfer
Plastics Engineer with a
Ph. D. in carbin parts production
Dr. Johannes Dillinger
Aerospace Engineer with a
Ph. D. in carbon structure optimization
Ever since getting to know each other at an aerospace research institute, the two founders, engineers in the aerospace and material science business, were fascinated by the idea of apply ing the outstanding properties of carbon fibers in a field hardly ever associated with the high
tech material, eyewear. Both truly fascinated by the material and given their scientifc and engineering background, they started exploring new
technologies to build carbon fiber eyewear prototypes for their personal use. While devel oping those frames from 2011 to 2016 they came up with unique innovations like the tailored elastic properties of their frames, screwless carbon fiber hinges or a new method in coloring carbon fiber.
Something that was never done before also required an entire new process of production. So Johannes and Jaromir devel oped their own software suite and high speed CNC milling tools to archive a standard in precision and perfection that is mandatory to achieve the high est possible performance. In 2017 they launched, together with experienced professionals from eyewear industries, the engineering and design focused
eyewear brand for men – Kerl. Jaromir inspecting the winglet designed by his founding partner Johannes. Jaromirs frame is a Kerl CARB-008.
Johannes performed the aerodynamic design of the winglets mounted on Matt’s race plane, which help to considerably reduce aerodynamic drag under high lift conditions. Johannes wears. Johannes wears a Kerl CARB-014.
Kerl Founders

Handmade by engineers

5 years of German engineering in one frame

Starting with the idea to turn carbon fibre material, that has been engineered for high performance usecases like aviation, sub orbital satelites and formula one cars, into eyewear, it took almost 5 years until the first frames where available in stores

Each part of an entire Kerl frame is made in Germany,
almost 90% are produced in the workshop of Kerl.
Up to 8 carbon layers with billions of carbon fibers are
hand layed by material engineers. Layer by layers.

Nur 0,7mm bei bis zu acht Carbonfaser-Schichten

Zum Patent angemeldetes, schraubenloses Carbon-Scharniersystem

Einzigartige, an die Belastung angepasste Faserorientierung

12.000 Carbonfasern je 0,05mm dickem Carbonbügel

Karl Design Principle

Kerl design is
timeless and avoids
fashion trends.

Karl Design Principle

Kerl design is aestetic
and simple in every aspect.


Karl Design Principle

Kerl design is sustainable and
needs to last for years


Karl Design Principle

Kerl design is innovative and
enable by new technologies.